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Your study material - your way!   With a new and expanded interface.

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Multiple Choice card Alaska Capital

The new format includes a timer at the top, a button for Marking or Flagging a card for review, a button to mark as a Favorite (the heart) a Flip and Left/Right buttons.   

At the top you will see an Edit button (looks like a pencil) where you can dynamically edit the open card and even add new cards within the study mode.   To the right of the Edit button is the Settings button where you can make changes to the way the cards are displayed to you.  Next to the Settings button is the Information button.  That button is selected in this example since you can see the current stats on this card being displayed above the question.

At the bottom of this card you have the option to mark the card and go to the next, flip it over for the answer or submit your answer and move onto the next card.   

The buttons to the left indicate the user correctly chose Juneau as the capital of Alaska.  


Creating new cards has never been easier!   More choices in how detailed you want your cards to be. 


The interface is customizable, you decide how much interface you need.


The Launch Page makes it easy to download, create new cards or study. 


StudyCards lets you pick up where you left off.  If you get interrupted you can always come back to where you were.



Here's what some users have said about StudyCards:


Student - ★★★★★
by MattJ. - Version 1.12 - 05 February 2010
Excellent product! As a grad student studying ancient Greek and Hebrew learning hundreds of vocab words are a must, and this program helps do so in the easiest way. Besides being able to load my own cards to match the chapters in my textbook, there are tons of free resources for ancient Greek. Unfortunately, the right to left reading of Hebrew doesn't work well with this program, but it is still worth it. Best part is, I emailed the designer a few hours after I downloaded it to inquire about Hebrew writing and withiless than two hours he responded with answers to my questions! Unparralled customer service! Thanks, Mike!



Great study system & fabulous support - ★★★★★
by uzumejin - Version 1.12 - 26 July 2009
I previously purchased several other flash card applications, and was consistently disappointed. However, MyStudyCards is super flexible. I primarily use them to study Japanese. There are lots of lists available online, and it's very fast to create my own cards using my laptop & then uploading them. When I have had questions or format problems, the support was AMAZING. After emailing a questions, I receive a response within a few hours, and the response is helpful & complete in addressing my questions. I highly recommend this flash card system!



Thanks to all people uploading - ★★★★
by Tboomer - Version 1.12 - 01 August 2009
...card sets related to "The Practical Chinese Reader". This program has several chinese learning card sets. My text, The New Practical Chinese Reader is covered in about 5 different card sets!! So I can get several different sets of practice cards, created by several different users!! Pricey, but worth it for the rich content. Thanks to developers and users....



THE BEST!!!! - ★★★★★
by Reviewer 1546 - Version 1.12 - 30 May 2009
Thank you so much for this app. 100% worth the cost. It has helped me study and pass several important exams. Love the feature that tells you how you scored (% grade) on a specific set of cards. THANKS!



Solid App - ★★★★★
by Satisfied Studycards User - Version 1.12 - 19 April 2009
As a student studying both a language and biochemistry, I have found this application to be particularly well suited to my studying needs. Multi-deck management, the L. learning system, and the ability to edit cards directly on the touch were the "I have to have this" features for me. Though I did have one problem early on during the OS update which wiped my cards, the developer personally responded within 12 hours with a solution. After using Studycards for 4 months now I still remain satisfied with my purchase. This has been a solid entry level flashcard application for the itouch/iphone market.



Incredibly helpful - ★★★★★
by jmrgr - Version 1.12 - 01 January 2009
I love this app. One of the best things is being able to create flashcards on line. I use it as I read through the chapter, instead of making my usual notes, I make flashcards. The upload is quick and easy. The only thing missing is the ability to add pictures to notecards, this would be great for anatomy review. LOVE it!! well worth the money.



Here is some fun history about how & why StudyCards is here today:


In 2007 I had to take a pretty important test that required a lot of memorization.  I looked around for but could not find an inexpensive flashcard program. In the end, I concluded the best method was still the way I had studied back in high school (suffice to say a few years ago).  I created a bunch of paper index cards with writing on the front and back sides.   Ughh.  This is the twenty-first century!  Come on! I mean - I was still grumbling about the lack of jetpacks and unitards (well, I guess we dodged a bullet on the unitards). E-Learning is becoming popular, but I still had no way to take my cards with me electronically.   


Well, thank goodness for Apple's opening of their platform to developers.  There will be no more of that ancient index card technology.  In March of 2008 WorkLifeStudy was created by me to write one application for the iPhone and Apple's new AppStore.   First on the list was going to be a flashcard program.   How hard could that be I thought as I took to learning the Objective-C language and the iPhone SDK.  After signing the Non-Disclosure agreement with Apple I was off and coding away.   No pesky books, magazines, websites to share information with.  After months of intense programming StudyCards was ready and released to Apple in June 2008 and was one of the first 500 applications on the AppStore on opening day July 10, 2008 with the first iPhone 3G released the next day.


The name StudyCards was created to clarify misunderstandings I had when I was calling it FlashCards - friends and collegues were confusing it with thumbdrives or USB cards.  I changed it to StudyCards because I wanted to study.