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Special Note:

With the release of version 2.4 you will need to make a small adjustment in the Settings Area for StudyCards one time. There is a new field at the bottom for entering the 'Host' name to connect to your cards. Unfortunately, this will need to be done by each of you prior to connecting but only one time. Once you've made the change it will stay and you should not need to make this change again.


Here's what to do:

Go to your Home screen, find and click on Settings.

Scroll Down to find "StudyCards":

Settings area to update StudyCards


Scroll to the bottom of the StudyCards Settings page:

Setting the Host to in the StudyCards Setting page


This setting will now allow us to move to new servers if needed in the future and not require an update.




Please Feel Free to use this optional and FREE interface to create your own StudyCards quickly! If you have any problems creating cards don't hesitate to ... If you like what we've done here please take a moment to rate the StudyCards app so others will be able to join and we can keep working hard improving StudyCards.

You can download the templates directly from this site or you can find these online for free at "Google docs". Search "StudyCards". You can use Google Docs for free if you don't have Excel or Numbers on your workstation or laptop. Feel freel to download the spreadsheet using the buttons on the left.

To find us on Google Docs, go to and search:

Example:google search example

Or you can click on the link below to get one of the 4 templates directly. It really could not be easier.  You may need to log into google to see the images and connect to the online version through Google docs.


For the more Adventurous:

More complex example of creating Multiple Choice Test Cards. This is geared more toward the vendor but it is available here.

WorkLifeStudy offers Vendors the ability to create even more specialized decks.

How to Use The Spreadsheet:

Hint: If you're studying for an exam: Get a Study Guide for your Exam make new cards as notes from your guide to help make the information 'stick' in your brain.

  1. Enter in your card details into one of the spreadsheets from above or your own design.
  2. Copy the text from the far right column in the spreadsheet. (the red column)
  3. Enter a Deck Name into the Deck Name textbox below.
  4. Paste the text you copied in step #2 into the large box below below the Deck Name and Affirmation.
  5. Click on the Submit button below the large box.
  6. Download your deck using StudyCards.

If you make a mistake, need to add, edit or delete a card, just fix it in your original spreadsheet, repeat the process and recreate the corrected deck using the same name. Yes, you can even reuse the same deck name over and over if you choose.

(Latin Characters only [e.g. A,B,C,D...Z] only. Do not use "Special" characters in your deck name (e.g. &,#,@,*,!))

Deck Name:


Copy and Paste Text Into This Box, and Press the Submit Button below:

Please Note: By Clicking the Submit button below you confirm that
(1) You own all rights to the content; and
(2) you grant rights for use in marketing that extend to Apple (for example, the first screenshot on the iTunes store).

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Note: All Decks are subject to removal at any time. Decks in the "_New" section are removed after 24 hours. Download to your device as soon as possible after creating them. There is a character limit imposed on decks, it's generous so you should not hit a limit. is not responsible for any content, lost, stolen or otherwise. You will need to use your iPod touch  (with WiFi on) or iPhone to download the cards you create here.   Open Studycards, tap the Blue "New Deck" button key and then select "Download". Navigate to the "_New" Category and find your file. If you have any problems me. I am here to help you. I really want you to be successful!