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What sets StudyCards apart?  Besides being the first FlashCard app on the AppStore - with StudyCards you can not only create great flashcards but you can create dynamic multiple choice cards and self tests to maximize the benefits from your Study Time.  StudyCards is the ORIGINAL flashcard app for the iPhone. We provide the tools and the ability to create your own cards and self-tests to help you learn.  Flashcard apps for the iPhone are a dime a dozen now.


StudyCards boasts a large user community and now StudyCards takes your learning to the next level.  Scientists are discovering what instructors have known for a long time - 'Testing is essentil to learning'. 


Read these recent articles on the topic:


Educators rely heavily on learning activities that encourage elaborative studying, while activities that require students to practice retrieving and reconstructing knowledge are used less frequently. Here, we show that practicing retrieval produces greater gains in meaningful learning than elaborative studying with concept mapping. The advantage of retrieval practice generalized across texts identical to those commonly found in science education. The advantage of retrieval practice was observed with test questions that assessed comprehension and required students to make inferences. The advantage of retrieval practice occurred even when the criterial test involved creating concept maps. Our findings support the theory that retrieval practice enhances learning by retrieval-specific mechanisms rather than by elaborative study processes. Retrieval practice is an effective tool to promote conceptual learning about science.  - Abstract from : Retrieval Practice Produces More Learning than Elaborative Studying with Concept Mapping by - Jeffrey D. Karpicke* and Janell R. Blunt


Taking a test is not just a passive mechanism for assessing how much people know, according to new research. It actually helps people learn, and it works better than a number of other studying techniques.

To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test
By PAM BELLUCK  New York Times Jan 20, 2011.


Updates for StudyCards.  The latest release for StudyCards is huge and represents months of work and multiple enhancements to improve the value of StudyCards.   Some applications release updates much more frequently and that's fine for them based on the way their applications work.  Because your cards and data is integral to the functioning of StudyCards we intentionally limit any risk to your cards unless there is a bug or we have bundled enough updates to warrant the change. 


Rest assured that while we intentionally hold off on updates - we are working hard behind the scenes improving the app and the site. 


We've all come a long way since July of 2008. StudyCards has tens of thousands of users and has grown to support the most user requested features such as "Multiple Choice" Cards, Timers, History, Scrolling and we have added lots of new Categories. At the same time we have worked to simply the use of StudyCards by adding a new launch page, reducing the taps needed to edit cards. We've simplified online card creation by using GoogleDocs or any spreadsheet tool


StudyCards is professionally localized in 5 languages - English plus German, French, Spanish and Dutch thanks to iCanLocalize.  I was impressed by the dedication and friendliness of the folks at iCanLocalize.