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Links to external sites I found useful:

I would highly recommend professional translations for your iPhone application. StudyCards (version 2) translations by:


Hacking Scrabble

Links to software tools I found useful:

Since I am programming iPhone applications I use a Mac so these links are very Mac centric.


UltraEdit has been around on the PC for a very long time.  It is finally available for t centric.he Mac.   Ian Meade has done a very nice job of porting it over.  His team has kept the features and made it Mac'ish.  Bravo Ian.  Click here to see UltraEdit's Home Page


Panic makes a product called Coda which I use for editing my content directly.  Click here to go to the Coda page on Panic's site.


Filezilla replaced CuteFTP for me and actually has started replacing some of the functionality I enjoyed in Coda.   Filezilla has been around a long time on Windows.  Very intuitive and reliable tool for me.  FileZilla is free, but please Donate if you feel it is a valuable tool in your toolbox.  Click here for that link.


On the iPhone and on the Mac Desktop - this tool has helped me keep up with all the various issues and ideas that I had during the development cycle.  For me it was having the tool in my pocket along with the ease of adding new items that made this a winner.   I treated OmniFocus as a elaborate ToDo list but it can do much much more than that.  Click here for their link.