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If you are a business, an educator or just someone who has something they want to target to a specific audience StudyCards can handle this with the new "Special Interest Section".   The special/private area is maintained on our servers for a cost of $99.00 per year.  Maintenance activities are charged at $5 per event, this includes special deletes, password or ID changes, moving cards. 


We can even assist you with compiling a multiple choice, flashcard and True/False deck for with a base of $20.00 at a graduated fee starting at 10 cents per card for decks over 500 cards.  Smaller sets would cost more per card.   We use your content, and configure the decks per your specifications.   We can even do independent research and create more complex cards - contact us for a quote on this.


Users will need to log in using the User ID and Password to see special private content.  You can change passwords between sessions to limit access. 


The StudyCards engine is capable of providing much more advanced cards than is typically available to the end user.   Single use tests - once the user completes the test the results are mailed and the test is deleted automatically.   


Future releases of StudyCards will allow images can be added to vendor based cards for a small fee of $2.50 per image per card.  This is a manual process and requires some lead time to complete the activity.  It's important to be sure the files are optimized for downloading to slower devices.  Larger images can cause unexpected delays in transmission frustrating users and bogging down the servers on our end.


For more information contact us here